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Archive (Volume 6 Issue 1)

Determination of Selected Metal Concentrations in Arable Soil Samples of Lapai Using Thermal Neutron Activation Analysis Technique

Ibrahim, A.A., Oladipo, M.A.O., Abdulkarim, A. and Ibrahim, U.F.

Soil is an important and abundant natural resource; it is also an important aspect of the environment as it serves as a sink for by-products of natural and anthropogenic processes. Plants obtain essential nutrients for growth from soil, other chemically similar elements that exist in soil compete for uptake by plant. Thus, these toxic substances accumulate in plants and transfer along food chain...

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Identification of Black Spots Within Minna Metropolitan City, Niger State, Nigeria

Mohammed, A. and Oluwaseun, O. J.

Road traffic accident is one of the major causes of death in Nigeria. This paper discussed road traffic accidents and identified black-spots along the routes in the study area. To achieve the aim data were collected from the Federal Road Safety Corps, and General Hospital Minna. Incident features like location, date, type of vehicle involved, and causalities or fatalities...

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Growth Performance and Survival Rate of Heterobranchus bidorsalis Fed Diets Containing Graded Levels of Locust (Kraussaria angulifera) Meal

Yusuf, M.K., Liman, A.B. and Ahmed, M.E.

The experiment was carried out at the Center for Applied Science and Technology Research (CASTER), Biochemistry Laboratory unit, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai, Niger State, Nigeria in year 2017. 120 juveniles of Heterobranchus bidorsalis juveniles were used for the experiment and were allocated into four treatments with triplicates (30 juveniles per treatment and ten juveniles

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In Vitro Antidiabetic Potentials of Methanol Leaf Extract of Thaumatococcus daniellii (Miracle Berry)

Abdullahi, S.U., Abubakar, Y. G., Akanya, H.O., Abubakar, N.S., Saidu, N.A. and Ahmad, A.

Plants with antioxidant properties have been found useful in the management of diabetes. The plant Thaumatococcus danielli has been used locally in its management. The aim of this study was to evaluate the in vitro antidiabetic potentials of methanol leaf extract of Thaumatococcus danielli. The methanol extract of the leaf was obtained and subjected to phytochemical screening...

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Spectrophotometric Determination of Boron in Saltwater Using Azomethine H and Ferroin Reagents

Ibrahim, A.A., Beckett, M. and Alotaibi, A

Analysis of boron concentration is increasing gaining interest owing to the importance of boron in plants and animals nutrition. Boron is a micronutrient in plant nutrition with role in strengthen of cell wall. Studies have also suggested that boron reduces risk of diabetes in human. However, boron toxicity has also been established in both plants and animals. This has necessitated legislation of permissible level...

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Levels of Heavy Metals in Some Fish Samples in River Wupa Located in Jabi District of Abuja, Nigeria

Ibrahim, I.L., Suleiman, M.A.T., Mann, A. and Matori, Z.S.

The study was a research on three fish samples; Tilapia zilli, Sardina Pilchards and Chrysichtyys nigrodigatatus organs. The concentration of seven heavy metals were probed in the fish organs; flesh and head by atomic absorption Spectrophotometry. The metals: zinc, lead, nickel, cobalt, iron, manganese, and cadmium were found to be significantly present in the samples...

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Investigation of Effects of Dust on the Performance Photo- Voltaic Modules in the North Western Nigeria

Tsoho, I.Y., Abdulkadir, M., Mohammed, M. and Kolo, P.N.

This paper investigated the effect of dust accumulation on the efficiency of Photovoltaic (PV) modules experimentally. For this purpose, two identical PV modules were installed and studies were conducted at the testing ground of Sokoto Energy Research Centre, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (Nigeria). This study covers measurements done in winter months of January, October,...

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Assessment of Feeding Habits and Total-Intestine Length Ratio of Gymnarchus niloticus from Katcha River, Niger State, Nigeria

Yusuf, M.K. and Liman, A.B.

A total of 36 fish samples were examined between January and December for their intestine length 2018.Total- intestine length relationship showed high significant difference (p 0<.001). Mean (±SD) total length of fish samples were between 135.00±9.85 and 70.00±38.94, intestine length 118.33±5.86 and 60.83±39.03 and total length to intestine ratio 1.28±0.07 and 1.12±0.01 respectively...

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Aflatoxin Assay on Dakuwa Produced at Different Roasting Times and Preserved with Aframonum Danielli

Bagirei, S.Y., Adegoke, G.O., Mohammad, Y.S., Muhammad, M.A., Abdulkadir, F. and Maude, M.M.

Dakuwa was produced from local varieties of groundnuts (Kampala Variety), tiger nuts (Verre Variety) and sorghum (Mbaburi Variety) roasted. Aflatoxin level was monitored from the raw materials through processing to the final product. Aframomum danelli was added during processing at three concentrations of 50ppm 100ppm, and 150ppm. Samples packaged in free PVC sachets and in aluminum foil...

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Impact of Fermentative Modification of Maize Grain Biopolymer on Functional Properties, Proximate Composition, Amino Acids Profile and Protein Quality of Maize Flour

Bagirei, S.Y., Mohammad, Y.S., Muhammad, M.A., Abdulkadir, F. and Maude, M.M.

Fermentative modification of maize grain biopolymer led to a significant reduction in Water Absorption Capacity (WAC), Gelatinization Temperature (GT), Swelling Capacity (SC) and Bulk Density (BD) of the modified flour, but a 17.9% increase in Least Gelling Concentration (LGC) was observed due to a decrease in the “network-forming-units” of the modified maize biopolymer...

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Lipid Profile and Hematological Assessment of Ethanol Extract of Whole Merremicae hederacea in Rats

Sulaiman, R.S.

Immunological competence plays an important role in the progression of illness and treatment of diseases. The pathology of many diseases is associated with inflammatory responses. HDL-cholesterol is a potent anti-inflammatory agent known to reverse cholesterol transport from the arteries back to the liver for detoxification. The aim of this research was to evaluate the hypolipidaemic ...

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The offer of Geophysical Techniques in uncovering the geothermal energy potential reserves towards mitigating the formidable Energy crisis in Nigeria

Yusuf, T. U.

The Nigeria’s challenging electrical energy requirements has been overwhelming, with the demands for such electrical energy exceeding generation capacity. The main Nigerian electrical energy generating source has been gas-fired thermal power stations and despite her increasing population of close to 200 million, Nigeria’s present energy generation capacity still stood...

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Study of Depression Indices amongst In-Patients at Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Kaduna – Nigeria

Abdulazeez, S.A.

Depression is a common mental disorder that lowers mood, loss of interest or pleasure, decreased energy, feelings of guilt low self-worth, disturbed sleep, appetite and poor concentration. Depression contributes significantly to the global burden of diseases and affects people in all communities across the world. Records of 112 in-patients at the Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital...

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On The Properties of Burr X-Topp Leone Distribution and Its Application

Musa, Y., Muhammad, A. B., Usman, U. And Zakari, Y.

The aim of this study is to establish some statistical properties and application of Burr X-Topp Leone distribution proposed by Usman et al., (2019), using an approach of Burr X family of generating continuous probability distributions. These properties obtained include survival and hazard functions,...

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Study Of Indices Militating on Under-Five Immunization Services in Kontagora Local Government Area, Niger State Nigeria

Garba, M.A., Ibrahim, M. J. and Ismail, M.

Immunization in Nigeria stands among the leading vital unrestricted health support and an economic approach to curtail both the rate of diseases and deaths related to childhood contagious diseases. Immunization services depend not solely on the rendering of these services but on diverse aspects which include perception, knowledge and compliance of caregivers...

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Analysis of Thermo-Diffusion and Its Effects in an Inclined Hydromagnetic Boundary Layer Flow Due to Radial Stretching with Convective Boundary Conditions

Yusuf, A., Sayeed, N. H., Salisu, A., Onwuzurike, B., and Bolarin G.

In this paper, an analysis of thermo-diffusion and diffusion-thermo effects in an inclined hydromagnetic boundary layer flow due to radial stretching with convective boundary conditions was carried out. The governing partial differential equations (PDEs) formulated were reduced...

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Application Of Simulation Technique to Manage Collinearity

Abdulkarim, K., Rasheed, B.A., Bawa, M.U., Aliyu, I.D., Abdullahi, S. and Ibrahim, H.

The presence of multicollinearity is unavoidable in a data set. It is obvious that high leverage points are another source of multicollinearity. These leverage points may reduce multicollinearity in a dataset. We call this high leverage collinearity reducing observations...

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An OTP Model for Securing of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Transactions

Oladipupo, E.T., Siyaka, O.H., Nzeako, C.B., Ataneh, C., Salihu, H.D. and Ekeh, O.J.

The present use of pin and password provide only single security layer to the use of Automatic teller machine (ATM). However, if password/pin is compromised by the hacker, the ATM can be use for legitimate transactions by an imposter. In this research work,...

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Mobile Phone Cloning: A Conceptual Review

Siyaka, O.H., Oladipupo, E.T., Pinmiloye, C.A., Duniya, G. D. and Muhammed, U.

Mobile phone cloning is the practice of taking the programmed information stored in a valid mobile phone and criminally programming the same information into another mobile phone. This cell phone piracy has become more prevalent in recent times...

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