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Archive (Volume 3 Issue 1)

Spectrophotometric Determination and Corrosion Inhibitory of Co (II), Ni (II), Cu (II), and Zn (II) Complexes Derived from Nicotinic Acid Hydrazide

Salawu O.W., Wuana R.A. & Ashimom J.T

Metal complexes formed by the reactions of Nicotinic acid Hydrazide (NAH) with copper (II), Cobalt (II), Nickel (II), and Zinc (II) sulphate ions were prepared and characterized by their infrared, electronic, magnetic moment, elemental analysis, solubility, molar conductivity, and melting point as well as their corrosion inhibition properties using the Weight Loss Method (WLM).

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Assessing the Spatial Patterns in Soil Properties Which Strongly Influences High Crop Yields, Through Electrical Resistivity Method, in Mokwa, Niger State, Nigeria

Yusuf T.U., Udensi E.E., Rafiu A.A., Eze P.C. & Salako K.A.

The escalated population, booming agricultural productions and marketing activities in Mokwa area brought about unending agricultural land-use, soil and water quality challenges among others. The Mokwa sedimentary exploration for clean soils and groundwater for plants with maximized economic convenience thus became paramount using efficient Geophysical methods...

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Investigating Groundwater Quality and Soil Cultivation Viability Using Geophysical and Geochemical Approach at A Dumpsite in Mokwa, Niger State, Nigeria.

Yusuf T. U., Udensi E.E., Salako K.A., Rafiu A.A., Eze P.C. & Mohammed A.

Geophysical survey involving electrical resistivity method, soil and hydro-chemical analyses was conducted around Masallachi Idi dumpsite in (latitudes 9o18' N and longitudes 5o04' E) Mokwa, Niger State, Nigeria with the aim of investigating the degree and impact of the waste dumpsite on the quality of the groundwater and the recent farming activities observed in the study location...

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Delineation of Magnetic Lineaments within some parts of Nigeria’s Bida Basin using Aeromagnetic Data

Tsepav M.T. & Mallam A.

Aeromagnetic data over some parts of Bida Basin, Nigeria was acquired from the Geological Survey Agency of Nigeria and interpreted, using Oasis Montaj software, with the aim of delineating magnetic lineamentsin the area. The study area is situated within latitude 8000'N - 10000'N and longitude 4030'E - 7000'E and covered by 10 aeromagnetic data sheets which were digitized and assembled to produce a combined aeromagnetic data file for the area...

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Geoelectrical Investigation For Groundwater Potential and Aquifer Protective Capacity of Overburden Units at Unions Site, Gidankwano Campus, Federal University of Technology, Minna, North Central, Nigeria

J. Shehu, U. D. Alhassan, K. A. Salako, A. A. Rafiu & A. A. Adetona

Evaluation of groundwater potential was carried out at Northern part of Gidan kwano campus, Federal University of Technology, Minna. Schlumberger electrode configuration was adopted with maximum current electrode spacing (AB/2) of 100 m...

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Water Quality and Algal Biodiversity of River Gbako Badeggi, Niger State, Nigeria

N.J. Dadi-Mamud

Algae are significant component of biological monitoring programs for assessing water quality. They are eligible to water quality assessment due to their nutrients requirements, rapid reproduction rate, and very short life cycle. The physico-chemical and algal characteristics of River Gbako, Badeggi, Niger State Nigeria were studied in three stations over a period of six months from May to October 2017...

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Coincidence And Common Fixed Point Theorems In A G-Metric Space

K. Rauf & B.Y. Aiyetan

Upon the introduction of metric space in 1906, there have being a lot of generalization of this space, like 2-metric space, D-metric space and so on. In 2006 the concept of G-metric space was established after proving that most properties of D-metric space are incorrect, which resulted to the establishment of more satisfactory properties of G-metric space ...

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