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Archive (Volume 1 Issue 2)

Proximate and Mineral Potential of Sun-Dried Short Horn Grasshopper (Zonocerus variegatus) Consumed in Paikoro Local Government, Niger State, Nigeria

Paiko Y.B. Dagaci M.Z. Yakubu A. Ibrahim I.L. and Umar, M.T.

The proximate, mineral and anti-nutritional compositions of the short- horn grasshopper (Zonoceros variegatus) have been investigated using known analytical methods. Results of the proximate composition indicated moisture content of 5.10 %, crude protein content of 18.39 %, fat content of 10.5 %, ash content of 2.30 %, carbohydrate content of 31.51% and 32.20 % fiber content...

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Adsorption Kinetics of Cr (III) and Pb (II) ions by Chemically Modified Palm Kernel Shell

Musah M., Yerima H., Baba H., Lakan I. I. & Umar M. T

The demand for cheap but efficient adsorbent to meet the need for water treatment has been on the increase. This study explores the suitability of palm kernel shell activated carbon prepared using H2PO4 and KOH as activating agents in the adsorption of Cr (III) and Pb (II) ions from wastewater using the batch adsorption method at different interaction periods...

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The Impact of Flood on Socio-Economic Livelihood of Akare Community, Wushishi Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria

Jiya S.N

The study assesses impact of flood on the socio-economic livelihood of Akare Community, Wushishi local government area of Niger state, Nigeria. A hundred questionnaires were administered and the data obtained were analyzed using simple percentages and charts. The results from the analysis revealed that about 84% of the respondents in Akare community said that flood occurred mostly at the event of rainfall intensity and amount...

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Proximate Analysis and Phytochemical Constituents of Acalypha hispida Leaves

Abdulazeez A., Nwokem N.C., Ibrahim I.L., Gimba A. & Babatunde J.

The proximate analysis and phytochemicals constituents were of the leaves of Acalypha hispida were determined. The result indicated that it contained moisture (11.02%), crude fat (6.05%), total ash (10.17%), crude protein (13.17%), crude fibre (10.36%) and carbohydrate (48.65%)...

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Know the Unknown Crime Plagiarism: An Approach to Improve Academic Integrity (A case study of IBB University, Lapai

Rabiu I., Mishra A., Awal A. & Musa I.

In recent times, the easy access to the web documents, large databases, and telecommunication in general, has turned plagiarism into a serious problem among the students and researchers in educational institutions. People always turns to internet for readymade solutions for their assignments and research projects with or without knowing they are committing plagiarism...

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Prototype Scalable for Telemedicine Consultation Using SMS /Email for Diagnosing Elderly Patients

Abdulganiyu A., Yakubu A., Abubakar A. & Awal A.

Mobile telemedicine is a steadily growing field in telemedicine, and it combines recent development in mobile communications and network technologies with telemedicine applications With the help of Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) specified IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), nextgeneration network architecture, aimed to merge cellular and Internet network...

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Operational Amplifier: A Simultaneous Linear Equation Solver

Ndanusa, B., Adamu, Y. & Gbedako, A. A

In this article, we compare the three step iterative schemes for a class of Zamfirescu operator in Banach space. We show that for the class of the operator, the CR and SP iterative schemes are faster than Noor and Ishikawa iterative schemes...

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