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A Studies of Nutritional Effect of Beniseed, Bambara Nut and Soybean on the Growth Response of Fingerlings of African Catfish Clarias Gariepinus

Ibrahim, B. U., Kabir, A. M., & Olufemi, J. A.


Studies of the nutritional effect of Beniseed, Bambara nut and Soybean on the growth response of fingerlings of African catfish Clarias gariepinusgariepinus (Burchell, 1822) were carried out for ninety (90) days. Five isonitrogenous diets that contained 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% inclusions levels each of Beniseed meal, Bambara nut meal and Soybean meal were formulated, and, designated as BSM, BNM, SBM respectively, and Coppens was used as positive control during the experiment. During the experiment, the initial weight gain, final weight gain, survival rate, specific growth rate, protein efficiency ratio, feed conservation rate and survival rate were determined. The study revealed that the fishes grew better in the soybean meal than in Beniseed meal and Bambara nut meal, with the following recorded growth parameters:- the final weight gain of the fishes fed Soybean meal (SBM) at different inclusion levels was observed to be high at control meal (40.11±0.01), while the weight gain of the fishes was observed to be high at the 0% SBM diet (30.86±2.74). The 0% SBM (1.6±0.01 had the highest specific growth rate, while 50% SBM (1.05±0.01) had the lower specific growth rate. The protein efficiency ratio was found to be high at 0% SBM diet (1.06±0.09), and the feed conversion ratio of the fishes was high at 0% SBM (1.05±0.02). The survival rate of the fish ranged from 90±1.09 of 0% SBM to 72.13±5.35 of the 25% SBM diet. Further research is hereby recommended to be carried out on other culturable fish species, to determine the alternative feed, they can grow better upon, and the cost-benefit determined.

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